MiD Platform FAQ

Access the Mockup Generator here

 How to make the most of this event:

  1. Use your desktop for optimum experience

  2. Our interactive sessions are in multiple zoom rooms, all linked from My Schedule.  

  3. Network!  The Ford team and fellow participants are all good connections that you can take from MakeItDriveable. Click the chat icon to open the networking tool and pop out so you can connect with any participant and see the dot when you have a message.

  4. When completing one session, remember to close the zoom room and return to My Schedule.

  5. Has something gone awry? Hit refresh <F5>, and Help is available via Chat! 


How do I navigate the Platform?

On the “My Schedule” main page of the platform you can see the daily agenda which is personal for you.   The current activity has a green dot and past activities are shaded.   Each of the agenda item links to the live meetings- which are in different zoom rooms.    On the left you will see icons for different elements of the platform.  Once an activity is completed it is important to close the zoom room and return to My Schedule.   


Where are all the meetings?

Team meetings and masterclasses are linked from My Schedule to separate video Zoom rooms.    Once an activity is completed it is important to close the zoom room and return to My Schedule as browsers can only support one open Zoom room at one time.   


How does My Schedule work?

We have pre-assigned a number of meetings into your schedule, with a dedicated Ford mentor assigned based on mutual interests, as well as additional Ford and external mentors, a time slot for presenting to the appropriate Focus Group, to the Masterclasses that you chose, and a slot to present to the judging panel on Day 2.


Can I change my schedule?

Meetings with mentors, as well as focus group and judging slots have been preassigned taking into consideration your schedule.   If you would like to join additional Masterclasses, or schedule a networking meeting, then let us know by sending a message via the HELP chat button on the bottom left of each screen in the platform


How do I network?

The chat icon on the lower left, and the “pop out” window will enable you to view chat requests throughout the event.   You can read the bios of all Challenge participants in the Lounge area, (on the menu bar on the left), the Mentors profiles, or on the team profiles if you are looking for a specific team member then hit the “chat” button to start a private chat.   You can also see which of the participants are on line at a given moment with the small dot appearing next to their name in the chat tool.   On the schedule is a random networking event and we will match you for a short video chat with another participant during the duration of the session.


Can I learn about other startups that are participating in the Challenge?

On the menu found on the left,  hit the teams icon and scroll through the individual teams that are participating- as well as team members and Ford dedicated mentors.  


Can I use my mobile device?

The Virtual MakeItDriveable platform was developed mainly for desktop use.  Certain functions such as the zoom rooms and chat can be accessed via your smartphone.


Are there any technical requirements needed to access the Platform?

A reasonable bandwidth is required for the use of Zoom video streams.   All events are run entirely via web browser but a Zoom app would be desirable


I need more HELP

Contact our support team via the stream chat from the chat icon on the left of your screen.