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Do I have to attend a Virtual Road Trip event in order to participate in the MakeItDriveable Virtual Challenge Europe event?

No, but it’s worth attending to virtually meet the Ford team if you happen to be in one of the cities we are visiting.

Once registration opens when will I be informed if I’m accepted to attend?

We always aim to respond within 7-10 working days from date of application submission.


How will the virtual event work?  Will I have to attend the entire time?

We will provide more details about the agenda and logistics to the invited companies.


Can individuals apply or is this just targeted at companies?

This year we are only accepting trading companies who are registered in Europe (EU, UK, Turkey and Israel)

​Does my submission need to be focused on an already available product in market?

This depends on whether the existing product has potential applicability to the vehicle environment and can add value.  We are also open to submission that may enhance or take a product in a new direction in order to cater the vehicle use case.


Does Ford only work with Challenge winners post event?

Absolutely not!


How much does it cost to participate?

There is no cost to participate in the Virtual Road Trip or the MakeItDriveable Virtual Edition Europe events.


​How can I protect the proprietary aspects of what I have developed?

You can show the results of your technology without describing the technical components - they will remain under your full control throughout this process.


Who can I contact if I have an additional question?

You are welcome to write us at

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