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About The 2020

Virtual Challenge

This year we are of course hosting our event virtually but will not be sacrificing any of the usual agenda or experience. In its 7th year MakeItDriveable is an opportunity to engage directly with Ford and to potentially fast track your idea to market.  If accepted to attend you will have a chance to meet with Ford executives, engineers, business teams as well as invited guests.

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The Challenge Areas 

Of Focus:

Beamed In
Services delivered directly into vehicles via the embedded modem
Brought In
Apps and services brought into the vehicle via the customer’s smartphone

Who Should Apply?

This Challenge is for companies interested in "getting in the car" with either an idea for the Connected Vehicle or an iOS/Android application. 
From accepted companies we welcome tech teams as well as business and creative thinkers to participate.
Come develop and create with us!

Some initial ideas to get you on the right track:

The ‘Beamed-In’ Challenge

This is for you if interested in enhancing capabilities and delivering content/services tapping vehicle connectivity (via embedded modem).  
Some new Ford vehicles are now connected to 4G data networks and with customers consent have the capability to deliver a whole range of beneficial services.

In-Vehicle services

Content and services that can enhance the in-vehicle experiences

Voice Based


Using Voice to interact with vehicle content and services

Secure Delivery

to Vehicle

Tapping Ford's API to remotely lock/unlock the vehicle, to deliver packages, or other services


While in park the driver has the ability to play games using in-vehicle screen and controls


Focus Areas

The ‘Brought-in’ Challenge

You should apply if your iOS/Android-based app can deliver a safer experience directly to the driver using Ford’s in-vehicle infotainment system.
For further information visit the Ford Developer site


While maintaining full focus on the road, how can the driver be
more productive

IoT/Driver Health/Fitness

How can the vehicle help contribute to the driver's well-being


How can the driver experience be improved by providing the media the driver most desires

Location-Based Services

Let drivers discover what is around them or engage with their surroundings

Why Attend?

It’s pretty simple.  We are very focused on ensuring accepted companies gain value by participating. Ultimately, you should consider the Challenge as a way to ’fast track’ your engagement and opportunity to work with Ford.

The Challenge

This year we will have several virtual workshop sessions that will occur throughout the event. More information on this will be announced soon.

What Can I Win


The Prizes are: 

2,500 Euros for Beamed-In

2,500 Euros for Brought-In 


Virtual Event

This year's MakeItDriveable event will be our most ambitious to date! 
The full agenda and details will be announced later this summer.  Accepted companies will be notified via email.



into the Virtual Challenge

MakeItDriveable 2020 is invite-only and companies will have access to resources once accepted into the Challenge including:
  • Pre-Challenge workshops on Slack
  • Assigned Mentors
  • Virtual presentations to Focus Groups
  • Virtual access to Ford kit, technical and business teams

Virtual City Tour Dates

  • Spain - June 25 
  • Sweden - September 2 
  • Denmark / Europe - September 7  
  • Estonia / Finland - September 10  
  • Germany / UK - September 16 
  • Italy - September 23 
Get in the car with Ford!

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20-21 October 2020

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